Will either the 13" or 15" case hold the 13" MacBook Pro plus the charging cables plus a wireless keyboard, keypad, and mouse?

Incase Nylon Pro Sling Sleeve Deluxe for MacBook

Incase Nylon Pro Sling Sleeve Deluxe for MacBook

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    Yes, I think the 13" could help the charging cables, plus wireless keyboard, keypad and mouse. The bag may 'bulge' out a little or a lot because this case is built slim but has compartments that allow space for many extras for your MacBook

  • My 15" case holds my 15" MBP with ease - including charger, my portable hard drive, mobile phone, pad, pens and I still have a little room.

    If you have a 13" MBP Non Retina or even the Retina version, the 13" version of this bag WILL hold your 13" MBP but I am not sure if it will also hold the bulkiness of the keyboard, keypad.
    It will hold it with the cables, and mouse - just the other bulky items might be an issue.
    The 15" will be the same issue to include the keyboard and keypad as you have to consider the 'depth' of the bag - and all those elements might not suit the bag.
    Is you have an Apple store in your location, best you take the items with you and try it in the bag in-store to test before you buy, otherwise Apple have a good return policy - so check out those details with the Apple Store and if their return details suit you should the item not work, buy it and try it out - you may be lucky that all the items fit and you will end up with a great bag to hold everything.
    Good luck.

  • I doubt it. Based on how thin this case is, that sounds like a little bit too much to be able to hold