Will Final Cut X be able to see a Hard Drive attached via USB over the Wi-Fi network?

At the moment, FCP X doesn't see a drive unless there is storage attached directly to the computer via USB, Firewire or SAN.

Will FCP X see any hard drive over the Wi-Fi network that is attatched to the new Airport Ex?

Basically, is this new Airport Ex a sort of NAS?

  • Asked by fn from Reading
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • I can use a HDD attached to my Airport Extreme as a NAS, however, using it for Final Cut pro may be a slow option when compared to using a Thunderbolt connected Hard Disk.

    I would think so long as Finder can see the hard drive, and connect to it, you should be able store and save to the location.

    • Answered by Joshua M from Hutchinson