Will it work with new ipad

  • Asked about:  iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

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    Yes, I use it daily!

  • Yes, the iHealth Blood Pressure device will work with the new iPad. I have both and the iHealth works fine. It even works with the iPhone 4S which I am using to write this response. The only problem will be if you have a case. The Apple magnetic case can be easily removed so no problem with it. Other cases, however, cover the 30 pin recharge slot and raise the pad's height just enough so that it won't make a connection with the iHealth dock. The case has to be removed for the connection to occur- an inconvenience. If you don't have a case yet, that will be a consideration if/when you choose one. The IHealth device has worked very well for me since last April when I only had an IPad 1. The change to the new iPad has been very easy- including to the iHealth device. I hope this response has been of some use to you.