will lion support appleworks 6

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OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive

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    As a supplement to the previous responders, if you have created a lot of AppleWorks documents over the years, you may be able to open, edit and resave them with iWorks' Pages, only if you were using the AppleWorks 6.2.9 version. A downloadable AppleWorks 6.2.9 update can be found on Apple's Downloads website, if needed. You would have to open each file and resave them in the updated AppleWorks 6.2.9 format to open them in Pages.

    When you open an AppleWorks document with Pages, the file will be converted to a Pages document. You can choose to save the Pages version, or not, when you close it. Either way, the original AppleWorks file remains unchanged. You may want to start converting all of your AppleWorks files or only do them as needed. You can also use "Save As", within Pages, to save a file as a Microsoft Word document, if you need the file converted in that format. Good luck!

  • Unfortunately not. Rosetta (the software infrastructure which permitted older PowerPC only apps to run on Intel based Macs) is no longer present in Lion. So Appleworks and other PowerPC only apps will not work on Lion.

    Universal apps will work, but Appleworks is PowerPC only.

  • I had several important Appleworks documents I forgot to convert when I downloaded Lion. All you have to do is to click on the old Apple (.crk) docs and drag them into the Pages icon and they open right away. Then just save the doc in Pages and you're done.

  • No. AppleWorks is a PowerPC application. Lion no longer has the ability to run these types of Applications.

    If you wish to use similar applications in Lion, check out iWork '09 or MS Office 2011 for a possible replacement to AppleWorks. Both pieces of software are available on a trial basis.
    Other alternatives may also be available from the Mac App Store.

  • While Lion will not run Appleworks, you can use Pages '09 , running on Lion, to open Appleworks created documents, assuming they were created with Appleworks 6.2.9.