Will the airport extreme work with a time warner cable modem?

I have a cable modem that was given to me by time warner cable, my ISP. My question is, will an airport extreme work correctly with something like this?

Also, my ISP only allows five devices to be connected at one time, so I was wondering if this would be an issue, or if any devices connected to the airport extreme would all be counted as just one?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    We have Airport Extreme connected to our Time Warner cable modem. No problem. I can't be sure about your second question (5-device limit) but I believe the Airport Extreme counts as only one.

  • If you use the NAT feature then you can "Hide" your other devices from Time Warner, they will not know they are there, they will only see the Airport extreme. Plug the cable modem into the WAN port, and then connect the rest of your devices to the ethernet ports and over wireless. Set the airport to distribute address' and they only device the cable provider will see is the base station.

  • If you are saying that your time Warner modem allow you to have five users ,then the airport extreme allows you many more .