Will the apple USB ethernet work with a 10.6 iMac network on airport express using a Hp Laserjet MP6 connected to a Farallon ethermac iprint adapter?

Have a iMac 10.5 using ethernet and airport and a HP Laserjet MP6 connected to a farallon ethermac iprint adapter connected to the airport with a ethernet cable. By using this the HP LJ MP6 works fine and has full printer function.

Upgraded to snow Leopard and I can not find the HP LJ MP6 and it is because appletalk is not in 10.6.

If I connect the apple USB ethernet adapter to the ethernet cable on the farallon ethermac iPrint adapter and then connect it to the airport USB or the iMac USB port will the iMac 10.6 recognize the HP LJ MP6?

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

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    No, it will not work. The Farallon EtherMac only supports AppleTalk, and Snow Leopard has dropped AppleTalk support.

    Connecting the Farallon EtherMac to the Mac via this adapter would not help - it would just be connecting via a different Ethernet port.

    This adapter won't work on an Airport base station's USB port, and even if it could, the Airport base station's printer sharing is for USB printers, not AppleTalk printers.

    Your options are:

    (a) Connect the Farallon to another Mac running 10.5 or earlier and use printer sharing;

    (b) Replace the Farallon with a different adapter which supports TCP/IP (e.g. HP JetDirect EX, which I am using with Snow Leopard and the same printer); or

    (c) Replace the printer.

  • If you connect the printer via USB to the AirPort Express, you should be able tp print that way.

    If not, a more elegant solution might be to purchase a switch and plug all your Ethernet devices into that and then use Bonjour to access your printer.