Will the Jambox work with the Macbook Pro?

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

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    No do not buy this for MacBook Pro. It should work but it does not. Loads of complaints on support site. I have one it works for a few songs and then breaks

  • Well, it works, but you have to re-pair it each time you want use it using bluetooth...

  • It connects, but there are lots of pops, tiny gaps, and static. I've connected from an iPhone 4 via Bluetooth and from a Macbook Pro. The iPhone sounds fine (albeit, not very loud), but the Macbook Pro (Late 2008) is not acceptable. Check out their support forums and you'll see loads of complaints. I returned mine.

  • Not under Bootcamp. Apple didn't provide drivers for wireless speakers in Windows.

  • Yes for sure via the headphone jack and included cable. And if your Mac has Bluetooth A2DP (stereo) capability you should be able to stream wireless.

  • Sure does! Open Bluetooth and Turn On. Hit the "refresh" button on the Jambox so it's waiting to connect. "Add New Device" under the Bluetooth settings and wait for the Jambox to appear. Select it. Now, on your Mac go to System Preferences / Audio / Output and select Jambox. All audio playing either from your iTunes or from a page opened in your browser will play through the Jambox perfectly.

  • I just bought a Jambox and it does not work well with my MacBook Pro in Bluetooth mode. It snaps and burbles, then stops transmitting sound when the volume is adjusted. I then try to return to wired-mode and the sound is muffled and I need my computer to forget the device before the MacBook Pro speakers work properly again. Had I known about the MBP connection issues prior to buying the Jambox, I would have opted for a different product.

  • YES! I bought mine two days ago and it paired in less than a minute with my MBP. Same for my iPhone 4S. Jawbone corrected this sometime ago. Zero problems connecting.

  • Well, I don't know about everybody else... and yes, it was a little trickier figuring out how to do the pairing (do it through the system preferences pane, both in the Bluetooth one and the Sound preferences)... but sound-wise, it works great. Nary a pop or crackle. I used it while working for several hours in a row.

  • Yes.

    The Jambox is a bluetooth device, so if you can pair with it, you can use it.

  • Jambox works with any bluetooth device. Just pair the device and start playing!