will the mic work with other phones like the DROID?

I have the new motorola droid and I wanted these headphones so I could use them for handsfree calling and with my touch 2nd gen. The droids mic still works when regular headphones are plugged in but i need a pair for driving. Anyone know or have a pair to test this for me?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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    I have the HTC Hero from Sprint. (running Android)
    The Headphones work, but the Mic does not, to my dismay.

  • Yep, these work with the Droid.
    - Mic works perfectly
    - Sound quality is great
    - Play/pause button works to control media playback, even Pandora, and answer/hangup phone calls
    - Volume controls DO NOT work

  • The regular iphone headphones work with droid. I have these leftover at work from when I sold my iphone.

    Voice search/nav and receiving a call with the "button" work perfectly. If this in-ear type is the same, then it should function like the headphones that come with iphone.

  • only the music. the volume control, the mic, and the remote won't work with the droid though.

  • These don't work with my Blackberry 8900. The phone doesn't register them as headphones or as a mic.