Will the new iPhone 5 work correctly with the Zeppelin when docked with the new lightening connector?

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    It will work, HOWEVER...from what I gather the adapter only allows for analog audio output, so you lose the advantage of digital out right to the dock that you now get from the 30-pin connector. The analog signal that goes to the dock will be processed by iphone/ipod's circuits and would not go straight to the dock, so you will likely see a difference in fidelity because you lose the unaltered digital signal.

  • Mostly, Yes. The most obvious issue I've had is that it beeps often ie. the same noise you get when you first put it onto the Zeppelin.

    The other issue I've noticed since updating either the firmware or iTunes (I'm not sure which) is that the Zeppelin no longer appears in the iTunes multiple speaker window. I can still send music to the Zeppelin but not at the same time as to other speakers or my computer. This is a real retrograde step!