Will this bag fit the non-retina 15'' MacBook Pro?

Incase Nylon Pro Sling Sleeve Deluxe for MacBook

Incase Nylon Pro Sling Sleeve Deluxe for MacBook

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    Hey, I have had this bag for about 2 weeks now after reading Leiah's review. This does in fact fit the 15'' MacBook Pro with room to spare. There is more than enough space in this bag (after inserting laptop) to carry 100-150 sheets of paper, MagSafe charger, stationary, notebook, a magazine, and my cell phone charger (what I usually carry in here everyday).

    Very well constructed and there are no loose threads as of yet. Only improvement I wish to see is a velcro or snap pocket on the interior to keep emergency change.

  • Hi,
    My updated response is likely to be late for Rohit from Toronto, however anyone else wondering the same thing - please view my updated reply below:

    On 3rd Dec 2012 I posted my initial reply being:
    ' Yes it will. I recently purchased the bag and it fits perfectly. ' (my reply is now deleted on the basis of this response being posted.

    On 7th Dec Sally S. W from Arcata posted a reply saying: ' .... based on some Apple Chat research she has done which advised as the MBP is slightly deeper in size than the Retina Display version - it may be tight ... '

    To everyone out there wondering the same question:
    - as per my first post, I purchased this bag - 15" size and I confirm IT DOES FIT the 15" MBP (non Retina Display version) without any issue at all.
    - it is NOT Tight fitting.
    - Before purchasing the item I tried the 15" MBP in the bag in the Apple Store - the store staff were very helpful, we were able to easily test it with one of the MAC's secured to the counter to test fit.
    - Sally is correct that the MBP is slightly deeper than the Retina Display version, BUT I guarantee the MBP fits perfectly - slides into the bag easily with room at the top so the zip does not close tight on the MBP.
    - it also holds my portable hard drive plus the MBP charger without issue and still enough room for a pad, pens and my mobile if I need to.

    - If you are in doubt, go to an Apple Store and try it for yourself. But you will not be disappointed, it definitely fits the 15" MBP (non Retina Display). I use mine all the time, without any issue.

    Hope this helps.
    You wont be disappointed if you purchase this bag for your 15" MBP.

  • Yes it will, but its going to be very tight!.. You are better off buying one from Incase website. (Only if they don't have anymore on apple website:)

  • Through Apple chat I was just told that depth of regular 15' MacBook Pro is .95" and with retina display is .71", so the fit with this case might be too tight.

  • yes, it does !

  • Incase (the manufacturer) said a mbp non retina will not fit this bag