Will this unit run on a 240V power supply?

Looking to take it to Australia as a present

Bose® SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System

Bose® SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System

Product No Longer Available

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    I spoke with Bose tech support yesterday by telephone. The Bose SoundDock 10 has auto-sensing voltage, and can be used around the world with the proper outlet adapter. I ordered the US version and will be taking it to Germany.

    Bose's documentation is confusing, and the US Apple Store's photo of the rear of the Bose SoundDock 10 shows the rating sticker as 100-240v, which Bose supposedly does not sell in the US.

    Like I said, I spoke with Bose USA tech support yesterday, and they told me directly that the product is universal voltage, 110-240 volts. I think it is either regulatory agency rules or company policy that caused Bose to label this product with artificially restrictive voltage requirements.

    Whichever labeled version I get, I will use it in Germany.

  • depending on where your purchase this...
    the american/canadian model runs on 100-120V
    and the european/international model comes in 2 varieties... 100-240V and 220-240V

    ALL are for AC Current and 150W... why are you guys all so incapable of searching for this information yourself?

  • Yesterday (24 th dec 2010),
    I bought the sounddock 10 in the bose shop in Orlando.
    When the guy asked me, " where are you from?" I told him I was from Amsterdam.
    He said the dock could only be used in 110V countries.
    We checked the back of the dock, and indeed it had the sticker 110V on it and not the 110-240V sticker as on the foto of the Apple store.
    I cancelled the purchase. I don't want to have an extra converter in the house.

  • If bought in the states its 120V so it will not work on a 240V power supply.