Will this work with an iPhone 5s

The Withings site specifically states this will work with an iPhone 5 as long as you use the 30 Pin to Lightning adaptor (made by Apple). However, the site does not say anthing about the 5s or the 5c.

Mine works with my iPad2 just fine but will not work with my iPhone 5s. Has anyone had any luck with this monitor and the iPhone 5s?

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    I am having the same problem with my iPhone 5s and iPad Air. I returned the Amazon bought 30 Pin Adapter and bought an over-priced Apple Adapter and now both the iPhone and iPad "see" the device but I get an error message to replace the batteries. I replaced them twice with new batteries and got the same error.

    Withings tech support was very helpful until I ask the question if their product is specifically compatible with the iPhone 5s. I got no response! So perhaps it is not - at this time anyway.

  • As it turns out the very next time I plugged my 5s into the BP monitor it worked without any problems. I've been using it ever since and no problems at all. Not sure why it didn't work that first time.