will time capsule slow my internet connection?

Interested in getting a TC to back up from an iMac, macbook pro, and 3 iPhones. Though I am curious to how it would effect the speed of my internet connection rather that just buying a firewire external Hard drive and being diligent with my updates

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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  • Time Capsule won't slow your Internet connection but what your Macs are doing with it might. The router inside Time Capsule looks at and directs both the traffic (data) coming and going from your Internet connection AND data being sent by Time Machine on your Mac(s) to its destination. Thus if one or more Macs were backing up via Time Machine AND you were surfing or downloading from the Internet you could experience a slowdown from your Internet connection. Essentially the Time Capsule could be receiving and processing Time Machine data and causing your Internet data to wait for its turn to be processed and sent to your computer. Time Capsule seems to be pretty good about not using uo too much in the way of system/network resources and you could tell Time Machine to to temporarily suspend backing up if it became an issue.