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    Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - It's rubbish!

    - Logitech Wireless Solar Leyboard K750. Bought 2 of them - one for my son and one for myself.
    - My son's died after 9 months. I was sad as I had bought it for him as part of a birthday present. I felt let down by Logitech.
    - My K750 died 10 minutes before an important meeting on GoToMeeting. It had lasted 1 year. Again I felt badly let down by Logitech.
    - In spite of all sorts of attempts to revive them - they were both TOTALLY DEAD
    - Save your money, your valuable time and the stress of an unreliable product - DON'T BUY IT.

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    It's dead Jim.

    Same issue for me. Lasted about a year and battery stopped charging. Left it out in the sun and it charged but now the letter Q is randomly typing so it closes my apps. And the battery died again. It's in the trash. Now I have the standard wired keyboard that I need to make some contraption to raise up...sigh. Come on Logi, send some love to the Mac users!

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    They put a battery in it that is not replaceable. Lasted long enough for the warranty to expire. Logitech is no help at all. It is a piece of junk. would rate it less than a one star if I could. We will never purchase another logitech product.

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    It won't last

    Adequate keyboard while it works, but the rechargeable battery in the K750 will eventually fail - mine lasted approximately one year - and is NOT replaceable.

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