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    Don't let the name throw you

    Apple thinks it's selling a Kanex ATV Pro X HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio Support. The key phrase is "X". Got one and it was not an "X". Reordered the part and again did not get an "X". Wrote Kanex for help. They said that they no longer sell the "X".

    They said "The ATVPRO X is made specifically for Apple TV 1 to 3 generation. The ATVPRO X has HDCP Encryption which will block content like Netflix, HULU, etc. Normally schools use this model due to legal reasons.The ATVPRO is made specifically for Apple TV 1 to 3 generation as well. However this model doesn't have HDCP Encryption."

    I'm not a school so I didn't need an "X" anyways.

    Bottom line...it works fine for me but I thought that the "X" was something special for general Mac users, not really. BTW it appears that only the Kanex works in an Apple setup (Ipad/Apple Express/Apple TV/VGA projector)

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    Used to work, 8.4.1 update breaks it

    We use these extensively. And they've now stopped working.

    It appears the latest apple TV update (8.4.1 at time of writing) breaks it - as soon as the adapter is plugged in (and i've tested with several), the apple TV light goes out and that's the end of the game. The appleTV works fine with an hdmi cable to a hdmi device, just not to vga via the kanex.

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    It doesn't work

    I bought this product last week because I wanted to connect an Apple TV to an Epson projector that only supports vga. But when I tried to connect it the screen just goes black

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