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    Book Book for 6+

    I have been using Book Books for years, and have always loved them. I just moved up to iphone6+, and I like the Book Book again, but there is one feature I absolutely loathe about the 6+ case. I can not stand the removable part of the case. My phone is always sliding out of the little grommets that should hold it securely in. I am seriously thinking about removing my phone and attempting to glue the removable case onto the little pegs that should be holding it on. Has anyone else found this sliding feature to be a nuisance? All in all, its a nice case, and I still would recommend it.

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    Beauty and function

    Love this new case for my iPhone 6plus. I had something similar for my iPhone 4S but this is much nicer. The phone is secure to the leather cover but is easy to remove when needed. Some sort of method of holding it closed would be nice. Due to my previous experience with wallets, I placed an elastic ribbon around the wallet side of the case (vertically) and sewed it in place at the bottom. It looks like a ribbon bookmark but holds my cards in place. I just slip the elastic off the top of wallet side to remove whichever card I need. I also like the that the card slots actually fit my driver's license.

    All in all I'm very please with this purchase and am sure that it will outlast my iPhone!

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