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    A Must Have...

    I’ve been a loyal Apogee customer since 2009. Every Apogee product I’ve ever owned has 1. Paid for itself and 2.(Apogee Duet) given me the most complete listening satisfaction. For professional applications or casual listening... I’ve taken my duet around the world for recording and listening and I currrently have 3 selections on multiple music store sites All Recorded Using the Duet.
    Apogee brings a new dimension to the sounds I enjoy. Get the Duet And Hear what you’ve been missing.

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    Not for iPad Pro

    Just bought an Apogee Duet for my iPad Pro.
    It was a mistake.
    First of all, Duet comes without the USB Lightning cable that Apogee recommends.
    Whatever connector I buy still get the error message “ this device is consuming too much power”.
    The Maestro software is just a simulation, not a real controller.
    The two devices do not communicate. This is bad, very bad.

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    Love my Apogee Duet

    I absolutely love my Apogee Duet. I have had numerous audio interfaces over the years, and this is by far my favorite. First, it sounds amazing. I sometimes use it just to listen to music and love it. Second, the design is beautiful. Very Apple-like: simple elegant. Third, it is easy to use. Great integration with a Mac (esp. via the Maestro software). Fourth, the integration of MIDI with the most recent generation is huge—in fact, I sold a previous version and bought this version just for the MIDI. Very handy, esp. when you have a limited number of USB ports. Fifth, very mobile: easy to bring with you for mobile recording. I highly recommend it.

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