• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Like carrying around a leather book!

    This is real leather & wears as it should; gets softer & has natural looking scuffs as time goes on. The leather & binding are strong. I experience ease with having four slots for my most used cards, including my Starbucks Gold card on top, which ensures privacy of my identity. Easy to tuck my driver's license in pocket behind the card slots. I get SO many compliments from so many people, including that it looks like an aged Bible. People tell me often about junk replicas that were only about $25 to $30 less & well, wasted their money. As much as I'd like the latest iPhone, I'm not switching until I can get this same case. Totally worth every dollar.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love Mine and have had for over a Year

    I have had mine for over a year! It is great and was hoping they would come out with one for the 6 or 6 plus. I carry my drivers license and 5 other cards only. I use it to hide extra cash, but don't use it regularly for storing cash, that goes in my front pants pocket. Others may have been trying to stuff in way to much! Mine still looks great, good quality leather and wears awesome. It goes from shirt pocket, to jacket pocket, to blue jeans back pocket! I recommend it for sure. If you like to carry 15 credit cards it will probably not be for you, but if you carry a minimum number you will love it!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not last

    Similar to other reviews and the price, you'd expect way better quality. I've had this case for 6 months and started to fall apart. The stitching inside wallet area failed and I had to stop using it. Very good concept poor inside quality.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Cheap Hobo Wallet

    For the price, you'd expect way better quality. I've had this case for 7 months. I love it for the first three months… Then it started to fall apart, big time. The stitching on the bottom right corner is gone, and now peels back so much that I could stick a nickel in between the two layers of cardboard/paper on top of the plastic backing that is sewn into the leather. In fact the whole right side is coming apart. The portion of the case nearest to the camera has completely separated. I was okay with the case looking “worn” as the manufacture states, but this case is beyond "worn" as it is falling apart and looks like a hobo wallet. Having phone and a wallet in one is great. Just don’t buy this if you want something to last at least a year. The leather is very cheap. This case should be $20 for the low quality of material and craftsmanship. This is a terrible product for the price.

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    Watch Out

    I love my BookBook cover. I get comments from people all the time. It carries all the essentials. I've lost my wallet a dozen times in my life, but haven't lost it yet since it's part of my phone now.

    Watch out when you are driving. I got a $125 ticket for using my cell phone while driving. I was using my integrated hands-free device while driving. My wife asked if I had any cash on me and I picked up my wallet. The cop at the intersection nabbed me. I had no defense. I wish BookBook had included a warning about this.

    If you can keep your hands off of it while driving, this is the best case out there.

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