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    Useful cable for longer Thunderbolt distances!

    I picked-up one of these 10m optical Thunderbolt cables while in the US recently, and it works perfectly!

    As an idea of how and why one might want these longer-length Tbolt cables, see the set-up I currently use below...

    Mac Mini (2012, with Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD for speed) -> THIS 10m optical tbolt cable (going from one room into a room next-door) -> Promise Pegasus R6 (24TB, 20TB in RAID 5) -> shorter copper Tbolt cable -> another Promise Pegasus R6 (24TB, 20TB in RAID 5) -> Apple Thunderbolt Display (has it's own built-in copper cable) -> shorter copper tbolt cable (from Tbolt port in back of the display) -> WD 8TB Thunderbolt Duo.

    (then I also use Apple's Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, using Bluetooth.)

    This is really great, as it now means I can have the ultra-quiet Mac Mini in my main bedroom underneath a large 50-inch HDTV (plugged into the HDTV via the Mini's HDMI port) purely for HTPC usage (iTunes and Plex). Then have all the storage (which makes a bit of noise) connected via this long optical Thunderbolt cable into a separate cupboard in my other nearby bedroom, and also have the same Mini connected near the end of the chain into an Apple Thunderbolt Display, using a Bluetooth Keyboard/Trackpad, for work usage at a desk!

    Another thing I like, is that each cable's connector-head flashes a little (like an LED) when in use, so you can tell it's working without having to manually check it (it's not too bright either, so it doesn't get on your nerves).

    The only things I dropped a star for are the non-US availability (it was not available here in the UK or the rest of the EU, with Corning's website say UK/EU release is not planned until August 2014, for peats sake!!). And also the price; while it's around the same per-metre as copper ones, surely they should have been able to introduce some economies with the longer length (though I suspect they may be hard to produce at the moment, hence current higher pricing, that hopefully may improve once availability improves).

    According to Corning's website, they plan on introducing even longer versions of this up to 100m in the future, if one needs such lengths — which those with bigger spaces just might!

    Overall, absolutely brilliant cable, that solves a great deal of issues, and makes using DAS (directly attached storage) over a 10Gbit (or even 20Gbit Tbolt 2!) connection a better alternative to most 1Gbit Ethernet NAS (network attached storage) solutions.

    Go get one!

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