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    Does not last

    They changed the the material for the 5s case from that used in the 4s. My 4s case is still like new after 4yrs
    The one for the 5s started to fall apart within a year. The mute button fell apart first then the front rubber started to peel off.

    Not recommend unless they change back to the old material

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    Life proof Frè very disappointing for iPhone 6

    I bought a life proof phone case because I work in the outdoors and it has been seen as 'the make to have'.

    They are good that they let you replace them in the first year if they break.

    However I have just had my third case break!! And now you have to pay to be able to put a claim in.

    For the amount of money you pay for them I do not feel that you should have to pay for due to a error with their case.

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    Don't bother

    This is Over! I'm on my third case. Paid for two. I never got a year out of one yet. Try to make a case and everyone from Colorado is super nice...like they been on the reef since 7am...no problem. But when it comes to the actual product performance and quality, it's all false advertising. I'm done with life proof!! Fudge them and their little dog too! Oh they're web support needs help too.

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    Worst purchase I've ever made

    Easily the worse and most infect $100 I have ever spent. The head phone jack cover broke the first day I had it. Can't hear anyone when trying to have a phone conversation, or vise versa. Defeats the purpose of having a phone when you can't have a conversation, or have to take the case of just to have a measly conversation. Called life proof and they offered me a new case, now why would I want the same POS case..???? Seriously don't buy

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    Shattered my phone in a Lifeproof case

    I am a klutz. I drop my phone at least once a day. I've had my Lifeproof case for 6 months, and never once had any damage issues, until today. I was in a target when I bent down and had my phone fall out of my pocket. It was in the case, so I didn't worry. But an hour later when I finally checked my phone, I found that the screen had completely shattered within the case. When I called lifeproof, they offered to send me a new case for free (to further protect my already destroyed phone) Needless to say, I do not recommend lifeproof cases to anyone- save yourself the money and buy an Otterbox.

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    False advertising!!

    Bought my case in January. Today the end of my phone rested in about 2" of water for about 20 minutes & water got in the case. The packaging says "Submersible 2 meters for 1 hour". All the company is offering is to replace the case because they believe it may be faulty. That doesn't do me much good when I don't have a working phone. I posted on Facebook what happened to my phone & the company's response. Two others had similar experiences. I'm gonna call the company out on false advertising. They give people a false sense of security!!!

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    All I have to say is this case is supposed to be life proof, it fell out of my bag at work and it shattered even with the case on correctly.

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    Punkcase waterproof iPhone cases

    Punkcase waterproof cases create internal squealing during conversations caused by sound vibrations of the properly operating phone speaker. This is a significant design flaw creating an unusable iPhone.

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    don't buy it

    The head phone jack would not open. I used pliers to get that open. You can't access the volume button to control the silencer. Once its on forget about accessing the charger port. I have not been able to open that port at all. I have tried everything. They suggest using a coin, thats laughable. Sure its very durable but my phone will be long dead before I even am able to charge it again. Worst $90 I have ever spent. Do not make the same mistake, take the hint every review is basically terrible.

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    Do Not Buy!!!!!!!!

    This is a false advertising company. It said waterproof for 2 minutes and it can go 6.6 feet deep. Apparently it is waterproof for 1 and a half minutes and can only go in water about a foot deep. My new iphone 6plus won't turn on and i'm pretty sure Life proof has been proven to not be life proof. One good thing is that it can take a pretty good hit, more than 6 feet high, but that is still not water proof.