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    Works as described. Satisfied with the performance. Giving only 4 stars due to high price.

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    I used this drive to store valuable footage and kept it in my desk drawer. One year later I go to use it and it's completely dead, no power via thunderbolt or usb. Currently getting a replacement but my data is gone forever. Avoid G-Tech and WD drives in general as every one I've had has failed early.

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    Happy user!

    Honestly, I shopped around for a few hours looking for the right drive. I finally choose the G- Drive Mobile. It gets the job done. The price point is higher than many other options, but if that was my real concern I wouldn't own a Mac... So, don't cheap out. This is the brand that the pros trust for a reason! Happy shopping!

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    NOT "Whisper Quiet"

    Just bought this and set it up. It is NOT "whisper quiet." I work in music production. I bought this for my home studio for the large file and quick transfer rate so that I could use it as a dedicated drive for only music libraries, projects, etc. But with the level of noise, I can see it is going to be a problem. I need to listen for very subtle sound quality issues when mixing tracks with studio monitors. This will interfere with my ability to do that since there is a constant very audible hissing noise. Sounds like one of those little mini desk fans. Marketing says it's good for audio professionals. This is NOT true. Photographers/film professionals with huge files, maybe. But not anyone that needs to work with audio.

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    Not as fast as advertised

    Sleek, compact and efficient, but it does not live up to the advertised transfer rates. While I don't expect the fastest transfer rate as a Time Machine option, the Thunder Bolt backs up at approximately 13 mbps, which is 1/10th the advertised top speed. Faster than a USB drive, but painful for transferring large amounts of data.

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