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    G All The Way!

    I'm a photographer and so have been using external HD's for years to back up all of the large image files. I know people have different positive and negative experiences with their peripherals but for me, Hitachi G-Drives have been the best by far. I have purchased over 12 of them and have yet to have any problem. Before the G-Drives, I had used LaCie and had a few scares with them. This latest G-Drive being a Thunderbolt, was being used with an adapter because the old Mac Tower only had a Firewire 800 port but I recently upgraded to a new Mac Tower which has Thunderbolt and the speed is pretty fast! I don't know what some of the other reviewers are talking about when speaking of the noise. All of my G-Drives have been quiet. It was one of my LaCie drives that sounded like a jet airplane taking off that had a noise problems plus it was going to die for sure. You can trust these drives!...which is the most important factor.

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    Beautiful external drive: G-Technology

    I picked up the 4TB Thunderbolt drive at my local Apple Store for less than list price (!!!). It is a very solid, well designed, solid aluminum enclosure that compliments any Apple setup (mine is a Mac Mini). It is whisper quiet without a fan and virtually zero disc noise. It gets only slightly warm after extended use.

    Set up could not have been easier. Plug it in (Thunderbolt or USB 3.0) and Apple Time Machine launches automatically. One or two clicks and off it goes. The first backup (my principal use) took about 2 hours (1TB+ of data with Thunderbolt) and the back-up files were easy to find and access.

    I am pleased with the data transfer rate (165 MB/sec) and the integration into the Apple ecosystem is excellent. A good solid piece of kit. If you are a user and holder of big media files and projects, this is an very good choice particularly with Thunderbolt connectivity. The 3-year warranty also gives me some piece of mind as well.

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