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    Wonderful Performance

    I purchased two of these units and daisy chained them to occupy only one Thunderbolt connection on my iMac. Disturbed by my four G-Drives dismounting for no logical reason and frequently during an operational day, I replaced the G-Drives with the Pegasus2 M4s. It took several hours for the new drives to synchronize but that was to be expected. Moved all my data from the G-Drives to the Pegasus and saw a significant increase in access times. The G-Drives have been retired and I will now rely on these significantly faster Pegasus drives to insure my data is secure. I kept the factory default settings and now feel comfortable that with the ability to do a hot replacement of any drive failures, the RAID configuration will serve my needs quite well. I would absolutely recommend these drives for anyone with sensitive data that they do not want to risk losing and that need to have a reliable connection without the risk of constant dismounting.

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    I bought one of these and replaced all of the drives with Samsung 840 1TB SSD's. It's not a supported configuration, but it's the fastest storage I've ever seen on a mac, even in raid5. The performance in application is actually faster than the blackmagic speed test measures. Way over 1GB/sec. Reads peak out at over 1.5GB/sec. Just what I needed. If your work is dependent on IO performance this is a great way to go.

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    PROMISE Pegasus2 M4 4TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID System

    Just bought it yesterday. It's surprisingly compact and quiet. Out of the box it was simple to connect and worked exactly as advertised. Formatted automatically for RAID 5 to 3TB's of storage. That process took some time but was expected. MacPro recognized it immediately and configured it. Now that its formatted and operating, it's really fast accessing data... almost instantaneous. So far, quite pleased. As an aside, as the price of SSD's comes down, will eventually replace the mechanical drives with SSD's but right now couldn't be happier.

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