• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    4K, but not 60p

    • Written by Marc M from Arcata

    This adapter is basically nice--it looks good, feels solid (although not used heavily yet, much more sturdy than some cheaper plastic ones I bought that had a tendency to physically fall apart after a few months of use with a laptop), and does what it's supposed to.

    However... while the mini DisplayPort outputs on modern Macs support 60Hz output at 4K resolutions, this adapter apparently does *not*--it only provides 4K30p output. So while it's fine for watching video on a 4K TV with only HDMI inputs, even if the TV supports 4K60p you won't get it with this and using it for computing will result in a somewhat more choppy image than you're probably used to.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It works. Finish OK.

    • Written by Radis R from Bangkok

    It works when connected to a SONY HD TV with audio and video.
    A thing to note is OS X Yosemite let you choose whether to use Mac or TV screen aspect ratio.

    You might be let down a bit, if you expect an Apple-like finish and feel on this product.
    I was hoping it to be like that since the price are Apple-like.
    Plastic case seems to be less 'white' than VGA adapter from Apple, and feels less robust.
    However, it has a strain relief on one side, which the Apple' adapter lacks.

    I did not test how durable is this adapter.

    I'll give a five-star if the price is lower and feels more durable.

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