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    Naim Mu-So Owner Review

    I use this as an Airplay device, playing music files through iTunes and to play audio from the TV. I own several other wireless, Airplay/Bluetooth speakers, and enjoy them all; but the Mu-So takes the experience to another level. It's not an audiophile system costing several thousand dollars, but it excels at what it's designed to do. Visually, the design is aesthetically pleasing, and the DAC (digital audio converter) is top notch. On a side note, other reviewers mention problems with the Bluetooth connectivity. If you're using the Mu-so with an Apple device, you should be streaming via Apple Airplay and not Bluetooth. Airplay streams over your home network and uses lossless compression. Bluetooth is device to device and utilizes lossy compression.

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    Very good, but not great.

    I purchased the mu-so about a month ago to play a wide variety of music, mostly via Apple Music using AirPlay. I have used a Bowers & Wilkins A7 in this capacity for several years and actually wanted to purchase another one but, sadly, it has been discontinued. The mu-so is a quality piece of gear. Excellent fit and finish with modern aesthetics that stand out in a room. Set-up was easy, with the unit up and running in about 10 minutes. I've listened to everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to the Cults and the sound is indeed impressive for such a small box. Clear, somewhat bright highs, strong, tight bass and much better mid-range than various Bose systems I've had (most recently Soundtouch 300). But....the 'ole A7 is the gold standard for me for a compact, wireless speaker and I find the mu-so to be a bit inferior. Clearly this is a subjective statement on my part, but I find the A7's bass to be much more powerful, without being exaggerated, and the highs less bright. So, I will probably sell the mu-so.

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    Inconsistent performance

    Overall: not bad. Bluetooth connectivity is quite poor. There is also a delay in the transmission of music. The sound quality is great on some genres and poor on some other genres; it is inconsistent and needs to be optimised. Needs work, especially for what it costs.

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    THE One

    In my case it's THE love from the first... hear. I don't care how it looks. Now I even don't care the price tag. I simply have to get one. The sound is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Once you've heard it, there's no turning back. I compared Mu-So with other two great speakers - Bose SoundTouch III 30 and B&O Beoplay A6. In case of Bose I was not able to hear anything but bass. For a while I thought that Beoplay is an answer to all my listening expectations but then Mu-So appeared. I went to a Hi-Fi shop nearby to check Mu-So Qb (smaller one, cube). The guy let me play my tunes on a bigger Mu-So first, probably one of his selling techniques. And I must tell you, since I've heard this 'soundbar' for the first time, there's no other all-in-one audio I want to get as much as Naim Mu-So. Perfect, clear, well-defined sound, giving you incredible joy on each and every volume level. It's like discovering your favourite tunes for the first time!
    Don't get me wrong. I know the price difference between Beoplay A6 or SoundTouch 30 and Mu-So, and I'm perfectly aware that this is a lot of money but you've got to hear it to understand it. This sound is addictive. Don't want to get addicted? Don't even consider checking this beast! That's the only way to stay clean here... really... I'm warning you... don't... Myself, I know for sure, that I won't go and check any other Naim box... ever! I'd probably have to sell my house shortly after that to own this one as well ;)
    Last but not least - all 'professional' reviews lie to you about Naim Mu-So... It's a way better than 5/5. In fact bigger Mu-So should be something like 10/5... ok maybe 9/5... yes 9 for 5 max. It's simply that good

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have spent a lot of time perusing and testing wireless audio over the past 18 months but did not take the plunge until last night with the purchase of my mu-so. Much better than expected, completely filled the room with sound and the Airplay playback was solid. My house is alive with music again!

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    Bluetooth is super weak

    If your paying 1,500 for a bluetooth speaker you should be able to be on the moon and still have good connection! I was connected via my iMac about 9 feet away from the speaker and it was still breaking up! Obviously the thing is a really good looking speaker but my only issue so far is the Bluetooth connection.

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    Naim is the one for me

    The best sounding speaker, like music, is very subjective and depends largely on your preferences as well as the music you play through it. Previous to purchasing the Mu-so I used and still have two Bowers & Wilkens A7s for my office and bedroom which I love but I was looking for something with a 'bigger' sound for our living room. I wanted AirPlay in the event I wanted to play music to all speakers. I initially bought the Klipsch Stadium which is $500 more than the Mu-so. The frequency response was wider (26 on the low) with the Klipsch but the sound was muddy and too bass-y which lessened the details of the music and the vocals also were thin sounding to me. I had problems with the AirPlay and ended up returning it which led me to purchase the Mu-so - thank goodness. The range, clarity and detail are vastly superior. Frequency response of 35 is more than sufficient for rich full bass for the music I prefer - jazz, alt-country, folk, vocals, classic rock. The unit itself is much more attractive than the Stadium and has a more functional remote. I've never had one issue with connecting wirelessly to the unit period. On the unit, there is a multi-functional touch wheel that is very slick. Volume, source, playing and more can be controlled. Very, very pleased. This is not a cheap unit by any means but I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again or recommend. Highest quality, solid in every way, and sounds fantastic. Fine with the black grill but nice to have the option to mix it up.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exceptional. Worth every penny.

    Incredible. It does not lose connection on Airplay,
    works perfect with Spotify. Almost seems native in their app, but just as good & reliable using Spotify app

    and even their tons of built in streaming stations really great.

    -audio is intense, utterly phenomenal. Even at high Volume the base is just astoundingly clear and crisp
    -seamless, via the app, their remote and touch and play on the device
    -no stop and start, reconnect to wifi, restart spotify, restart device like with other wireless speakers I have owned
    -the look is just stunning in your living room
    -it just works, and so so well

    yes $$$ but worth every single penny. Period.

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    Randomly shuts off

    Yea, this thing is horrid, and is going back tomorrow. Keeps shutting down in he middle of everything. TV, music, movies. So frustrating because I like it.

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