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    Terrific USB 3 flash drive for my MacBook.

    So far, it's a really great device for my needs. I purchased it because I lost my last flash drive. The replacement I purchased was defective out of the box, spawning bad busy count errors. I gave up, returned it, and went with the pricier SanDisk, and it's been a hit since I got it.

    BlackMagicDesign disk speed test says...

    Reads: 133.8MB/s

    Pros: It's very light and is easily added to your keys or lanyard. I put mine on my keys so i never lose it.
    Fast read/write speeds.
    SanDisk reputation
    Quality craftsmanship. It feels solid, no loose parts or anything. It seems durable and will last a long time.

    Cons: Pricier than other flash drives (cost vs. quality, I suppose).

    So far, I'm very happy with my 64GB Sandisk flash drive. :)

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