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    Got this case for my Rose Gold phone thinking yeah! I'm gonna show off my new phone. That was my first mistake, though it may show it off it doesn't suit any lifestyle. I've been to school, soccer games, conferences, everything, dirt just gets in it. Second off, "self repair coating" yeah right. I've only had it for a week and it is completely scratched. I warn everyone this isn't good it's just a price of plastic. Will be taking advantage of the two week return policy and get an otter box instead

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    Not a good case at all

    I want a really thin, almost invisible case on my phone. Just enough to protect it from light daily use. This seemed great at first, but...

    It cracked, all on its own. It is super-tight on the phone, maybe that's why. It cracked before I even tried to remove it from the phone the first time.

    Every now and then I want to clean the phone/case, so I have to remove the case. It was near impossible. It takes ridiculous force, and a plastic card or something similar to try to pry it. And it wasn't just me, the phone failed and I had to have it replaced. The Apple Store tech couldn't get it out either.

    It scratches immediately and easily. Anti scratch coating? Oh please.

    The speaker holes are too small, so when the case is on, the speaker sounds awful. So then I needed to fight it out of the case to do a speaker phone conference.

    Simply awful.

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    Good for One Drop

    Both my wife and I purchased one of these. First time the phone was dropped from table height the case cracked! $35 for a single use is terrible. Would not purchase this or recommend purchase of this product.

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    Wish I read the reviews before buying this thing

    It's like everyone else has said - AVOID! I got it the same day that I got iPhone 6s. I got it bc of it's minimalistic look and price was less than other covers in store. Difficult to get on - then I decided the protection wasn't great and was better off with the more expensive cover. So difficult to get off - I had to have a salesperson help with it. I'm glad I waited around to try the cover with the phone before leaving the mall bc I would have been mad if I had to go back to the store to return it. Terrible product.

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    Highly Disspointing

    Its not even 5 months and its cracked and chipped off from almost everywhere and even my phone paint is gone from the edge. I am so heart broken with its poor quality. Extremely hard, not at all compatible with iphone 6s. TERRIBLE! dont buy it ever.

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    I bought an iphone 6s and an air jacket last wednesday.
    Today I was looking at the edges and it looked pretty dirty and there were loads of dust particles therefore i thought oh, lets remove it and clean it.
    BUT i remember the day i tried to put it on it was already SO hard and i took the box out, trying to figure out how to remove it properly.
    I followed the directions on the box and when i push through the other end it cracked. I've only had it for less than 2 weeks.

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    Extremely tight and hard to get off

    I initially bought this case with me new IPhone 6S thinking it would be nice to still see the colour of the phone through the clear case. Getting the case on the phone was already a bit of a struggle, but to get it off was a nightmare. Eventually I had to break the case to get the phone out of it. Because it is clear after some time you see dust collect in the edges and I really didn't like the look of that.

    Once the case is on it fits around the phone very tight and will not come off. If that's your priority than its a good case. It also doesn't feel bulky. It just wasn't the one for me.

    I will go back and get myself the Apple leather case as I had before for my IPhone 5. It goes on easy, it comes of easy and still protects your phone from most wear and tear and always looks great for a business professional. Should have stuck with my gut feeling to just get the leather case again I guess :)

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    Do not buy - difficult take off and put on - does not work with 6s

    I was fooled into buying this case thinking it was a great value. I should have known better. Not only is it not incompatible with the iPhone 6s but it can seriously damage the thing. When I came back to Jamaica, I tried to take it off to install the SIM, it was so difficult. When it finally came off, I said good riddance, but I wanted the protection. When I tried to put it on back, it was next to impossible, it was almost like it was designed to damage the device. I just said forget it and have been working without one since. Again, do not buy this.

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    Aboslutely the most miserable thing to put on and take off. Literally almost ruined my brand new iPhone 6 just trying to take it off. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Wish I could give it zero stars. You let me down this time, Apple.

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    Great concept, but broken easily

    Wife and I both bought these a couple months ago because we liked the slim fit and the clear case that lets you see the beauty of the phone. However, they are very slick and hard to hold onto. Both our cases experienced light drops and both are broken on the bottom right corner. Nice concept, but not durable enough to sustain a single light drop. Less than 2 months use and both are broken and had to be replaced. Waste of $30 per case. Definitely would not buy again or recommend to anyone.

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    12/14 bought the case 12/17 shattered my phone

    First of all it took me at least 10 minutes just to get the case on. Then I drop my phone(which I've done a million times without my case on--never broke) and it completely shatters. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Disappointed with the stores that carry this awful product. If I could give it zero stars I would.

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    Horrible case!

    I bought this case because I wanted something clear and beautiful for my new iPhone 6s. After having it on my phone for about a month now I am furious!! It was fine the first week but then it started to look horrible with all kinds of scratches and dust getting inside, it literally scratched my phone! Then when I finally decided to take it off, it was a complete nightmare! It would not get OFF. Half an hour later and a broken nail it finally let loose.
    I am very disappointed in Apple for selling this case. It is the one place I thought I could trust when buying a good and solid case. Absolutely not worth the money.

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    having this case is like not having a case at all

    DO NOT BUY!! My phone has dropped twice with this case on, and both times the display has completely shattered. The hard plastic does not do anything to soften the impact when the phone drops on the ground.

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    TERRIBLE product

    I bought this case in-store when I purchased my iPhone 6. The case is IMPOSSIBLE to get off! I read the instructions and followed an instructional video and still the corner of the case broke off the first time I had to take it off. And you WILL have to take it off eventually as it is not compatible with the Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter (so good luck charging in the car). The SECOND time a corner broke off when I was trying to remove the case, I decided to write to the company and try to take advantage of their so-called warranty, which they refused to honor. All in all this is a terrible product with a misleading "warranty" - frankly disappointed at Apple for continuing to sell such a sub-standard item.

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    Do not buy!!!!

    It is very, very difficult to put on and remove.I just purchased the iPhone 6S and even following the instructions, could not get it on or off without lengthy (and painful on my fingers) manipulation. I was worried the whole time that it would scratch the edges of my new phone and I bet it would if I didn't take as much care as I did not to. I thought then that it only fit the iPhone 6 so after I finally got it off, I swapped with my brother. He too COULD NOT get it on or off without a lot of difficulty. Yes, hard plastic is appealing but DO NOT buy this case.

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    beautiful but dangerous

    Yes the case is thin and nice looking, letting you see you iphone's design. But let me tell you that dust comes inside the case and within alot of time, with the pressure of the case, you get scratches on your brand new looking iphone that you took care of putting into a case to avoid them scratches ! So if you like the naked look, go naked because the case itself will scratch it anyway !

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    Sticks to your phone, not your hand

    Super unhappy with this. One reason I want a case is because the phone is so slippery without one. This case is almost as slippery, and doesn't help at all. But it grabs your phone in a vice-like grip, and is very difficult to remove it. I think I slightly bent my phone trying to! Terrible, dangerous, product.

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    Do not buy it!

    This case it's very hard to take it off! Even if you follow the instructions it will take a lot of effort to remove it. You might damage your mobile while trying to do so. It may be very pretty and it does fit the mobile perfectly, but it is very disappointing when you try to get it out to insert another SIM card.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So disappointed:(

    Bought this nice clear case yesterday in the apple store in Glasgow.
    Here in the Uk they charge us £29.95, which is a lot considering that i'm reading here that they charge 30$ in the US!
    Anyway, just the time to take it off from the box and slide my iphone 6 in it, that i noticed that already marks and small scratches had appeared!
    Not worth my time going back to the shop as they would think that i've caused it.
    I think it's very cheap plastic, as the paper i was using to clean it must have marked it.. Unbelievable, so disappointed..
    Bought three cases so far, always and only from the apple stores thinking they would be the best ones on the market, but i understand now that they're not worth the money. And also as mentioned in other reviews this one is extremely difficult to pull off.

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    There's 30 bucks I'll never get back

    This case looks good on the phone but is almost impossible to get off. I had to use a butter knife to get it off my phone. In addition to this, the phone shakes and rattles around while my phone is in the case. It is definitely difficult to get my phone into the case. While my phone was in the case it got dirt and dust particles in it. Also, before I took my phone out of the case my phone had black marks on it. I thought it was dirt but I soon discovered that it was scratches. I have a lot of scratches on my phone that were not present on my phone before putting on the case. I am truly astonished that Apple is allowing this product to be sold. I want my money back. This case is definitely a waste of money - that was 30 dollars I will never get back. DO NOT GET THIS CASE. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING TO DAMAGE YOUR PHONE.

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