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    This is a crazily good stand for your own mac pro! I personally have about two mac pros and four of the mac pro stands! It is just so good I have to have four! Probably gooding to buy more on valentines day! I recommend.

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    Sorry but this is not a good product.

    First off, the rubber pad glued to the metal to protect the Mac is defective. I had to move the Mac one time, about 5 weeks after buying the ARC and it just fell off. Not a huge deal, but cheap workmanship.

    Now my second problem, and I'm not even sure if this is specific to my mac, is that when I boot the Mac Pro on it's side, the fans go crazy. If I boot it standing up...no problem. Ton of clearance for the bottom vents in either situation and the machine room is kept at 68 degrees for all my gear. It's the oddest problem. Needless to say, I don't use the ARC any longer and I let the Mac stay vertical.

    Hope this helps someone else out.

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