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    I guess if you have $70 literally burning a hole in you pocket...

    • Written by Reuben W from Mountain View

    If you have always wanted a lamp in your home which can run out of battery then you're in luck! This is not a well thought out product; when charging it cannot stand at the 45º angle shown in the pictures (arguably it's best view) without balancing on the charge cable which then comes out towards the room - or you can make it a bowl of light (Slashgear describe it as a "milky bowl", every interior designer has been asking for one of those for years) - or point it at a wall, but it's about half the power needed to really make an impact. But it's OK because once charged you can move it / position it how you'd actually like, until it goes flat - then move it back to it's charging location.


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Product

    • Written by BLAKE B from Omaha

    Great way to get light where there is no outlet. We use ours outdoors on our deck and all around our home. Liked it so much we bought two of them. The ability to change to specific colors and also whites is great. The battery lasts several hours when it's not plugged in.

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    Continued False Claims by Hue on "Media Syncing"

    • Written by Nitin G from Arlington

    Hue makes claims about supporting a very attractive use case of having your lights sync with video you are watching. This is simply not possibly. There are 3rd party apps that attempt to do this. However, none work well. Look at the ratings in the app store.

    Hue really should build an actual solution to sync the lights with video or stop making false claims.

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