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    waterproof 100% just like my iphone case and ipad air case. edges are compact and handle normal drops. but for the money i think it should be almost perfect. have let little issues slide with the other cases but time for lifeproof to fine tune some things on their cases. the charge port door has a rubber gasket that can be easily removed and is no longer watertight when removed(on all cases i beleive) make it permanent guys. kids like to remove these and i'm sure some have just gone missing somehow. the headphone adapter is extremely hard to take out after insertion plus the rubber stooper for headphones gets in my way when in landscape mode. home button isn't centered in the cutout and is covered by a thin film that keeps it watertight. i feel like its eventually going to tear and not be watertight anymore, after touching home button it makes a crinkle sound every time plus the film makes the case look cheap in my opinion. also my thumb really doesnt fit(average sized thumb) so i have to use finger each time. when inserting charger cord it usually slides between the back case cover and the ipad because there's a decent sized gap between the back case and back of ipad. backside of case also scratches very easily. i like being able to touch the screen but it worries me that there's no protection. so i'm constantly concerned about it getting scratched. volume buttons work well, which surprised me because the ipad air case they're tough to use. with that being said, the case is waterproof if everything is plugged up and closed and can take some tough impacts. it works but issues need to be addressed for that kind of money. thinking about getting a different case and just using this for when i'm at the pool or beach.

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    YES !

    Very well made case from the 4th GEN Lifeproof case I had. Ive taken it into the shower and on hikes. Must buy ! It is a bit pricey however.

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    Is not drop proof

    Purchased LifeProof nuud case for I pad air 2. I pad was accidentally dropped from waist level and the screen is cracked. LifeProof does NOT warranty device. How can they make the claim "DROP PROOF" when it clearly is NOT!

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