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    • Written by Nathaniel K from Des Moines

    I started using home automation products 6 years ago when Wink first hit the market. It had great vendor support at the time, but has since seen a lot of bumps. Due to Wink's diversity, I own a bunch of different brands of automation stuff. Leviton, Lutron, GE, Phillips and iHome to name a few. I recently added the Lutron Bridge to connect my Caseta Switches to HomeKit. It was very easy and only took about 10 minutes. The control speed is AMAZING! Anyone who has been using these products for a long time will tell you the delay is the most annoying part of automation. This is almost instant and works every time, even after a power cycle. I prefer making the switch smart because then I don't have to buy three expensive smart-bulbs for a three-bulb fixture like the kitchen or lamps. I will be replacing all of my older z-Wave and non-HomeKit devices with these for sure as I transition to HomeKit.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best home lighting I've used in 20 years

    • Written by Mark M from Trumbull

    I have been using home automation products since the early 1990's (X10 back then). I have gone through Insteon, Z-wave and Zigbee. I initially wanted all Z-wave and Zigbee due to the wider selection but after have a couple Caseta switches installed, I'll pulling all my zwave stuff out (over 50 devices). It simply works better. When my wife hits the remote on her bedstand, I don't sit with my fingers crossed the lights go out. It happens instantly. And Siri control is better than anything else I've tried (Siri isn't perfect yet, but it's getting better). Short of spending $10k plus on a truly high end system, I think this is the best out there right now.

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