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    Was able to make this work under Sierra (v10.12.6)

    • Written by William F from Oakland

    I also bought this from Apple and found that the Ethernet function did not smoothly work (i.e., "plug and play") under Sierra OS. However, the Belkin driver (from the URL listed on the packing box) seems both out of date ( from 2015) and does not get properly registered under Sierra (at least in terms of having the Belkin adapter show up under the "Network" page on System Preferences).

    But after Googling a bit, I discovered there is in fact an updated Mac driver made available by the apparent Taiwanese hardware (ASIX) maker of the chip in the Belkin gizmo.

    Go to the following site: www.asix.com.tw/products.php?op=pItemdetail&PItemID=131;71;112

    Under the driver list, look at the line showing:

    Apple Mac OS X 10.9 and above Drivers Installer V2.11.0 2018-05-15 For Apple x86, 32-bit/64-bit platforms 1.1 MB

    I downloaded the ZIP file and installed the contained driver (there are also instructions from the 2015 era). Then after restarting the driver showed up in the Network page after attaching an Ethernet cable between the Powerbook and a MacMini. I was then able to transfer files via the Finder (having set up the appropriate sharing permissions) from a Mac Mini with Ethernet capability.

    So, in a more perfect world, Belkin would update their Web site to show this updated driver. Apple should also do a better job at supporting such a product sold from their Web Site.

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    No Ethernet for MAC Sierra

    • Written by Michael H from Long Beach

    The 3 USB 3.0 ports work quite well but the Ethernet does not work even after downloading old driver. Why is Apple Store selling this if Belkin won't keep it current? I always thought Belkin products were tops but if there is no new driver, this will be my last Belkin.

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    Great product, no driver.

    • Written by Chandler D from Littleton

    The product is well constructed and the USB ports function exceptionally well. The only downside of this product is that Belkin is rather slow with regards to updating their drivers. There is still no updated driver for the ethernet port to support MacOS Sierra. I have contacted Belkin support multiple times inquiring about the driver and no one knows when the driver will be updated.

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