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    HUE Bridge

    • Written by Rich J from Denton

    I purchased two sets of Hue Lily outdoor lights. They work fine, it's the Hue Bridge that's the problem. It's range to find outdoor lights is approximately 30 feet! And if you are able to connect lights, the Bridge is constantly losing connection with the WiFi - no other smart hardware is having this problem in my house - just the HUE Bridge - and it's sitting right next to the router! When I contacted Philips they blew me off with the usual fixes, unplug, reset, yada, yada, yada - same results though. Very, very disappointing.

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    Constantly needs updating

    • Written by Woo F from Humble

    Every time I open the app, it needs updating. A minimum of once a month and the update can take an hour or more. It’s been like this for the past 18 months or so. Today we had a power blip so all the lights came on when power returned. Then I needed to go light by light to reestablish a connection, but of course it took an hour to update the bridge first. I know I did an update less than a month ago as well. App is just not functional when you constantly need to update to use.

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    Bad design

    • Written by Sébastien T from Arlon

    I wanted to let you know that in case of power failure all your HUE bulbs will be powered on automatically when the power is back! So if you have a power failure at 4am, all bulbs at 100%. Well. Sorry Philips but no way!
    I have investigated on the Internet and it seems the problem has been reported back in 2015. Perhaps it's time to work on it?

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    • Written by DANIEL R from SANTA MONICA

    'upgraded' my hub from 1.0 to this 2.0 version for homekit support. it sorta worked for a few weeks kinda...now it's 100% unuseable. Thanks apple for not working like alexa does!

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    hard to link

    • Written by CHUONG V from San jose

    Bought the home kit hoping to connect my iPhone, my iPhone and iPad but it wont link all 3. Keep asking me to log in and link. System not ready to be in d market yet. Hopefully they come out with fix soon.

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    HomeKit and Hue not ready for prime time

    • Written by Jordan L from Charlottesville

    I eagerly bought this bridge thinking that it would be worth the $40 to be able to say things like "turn on all my lights" or "turn off office lights," but the functionality isn't there. First off, whenever I say "turn on/off all my lights," Siri ALWAYS asks for a confirmation. The time it doesn't ask for a confirmation, it says, "sorry, I could not find any lights". After about ten minutes hoping that everything would just magically start working, I decided to return the bridge. In the future, maybe there'll be better support but for right now, I'd say hold off.

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    • Written by Thomas H from Fort Collins

    Phillips decided about a week ago to push an update that broke support for 3rd party bulbs without any warning. This was something that worked without issue before with bulbs from Cree, GE and others. Before this "update" Siri was able to control all of my Cree bulbs just like my Hue bulbs.

    Phillips just pushed out anothe update this week to restore some access to 3rd party bulbs but they are still not visible to HomeKit and according to new info from Phillips, this is intentional. They say it's because the 3rd party bulbs are not HomeKit certified, but that's bologna because none of the bulbs are HomeKit certified, not even Phillips, only the hubs are. The bulbs are just Zigbee ZLL.

    I will be returning this hub and waiting for one that works with all ZLL certified lights. Also choosing not to reward a company that changes functionality without warning in an effort to sell more of their own "expensive razor blades."

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