• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best HP Printer I Have Ever Owned

    • Written by Ralph N from Georgetown

    Years ago I switched from dot matrix printers to HP inkjets. PageWides are another evolution in printing. The price makes it an overkill for the casual user, while the commercial application of this technology demonstrates it is ideal for professionals. For those in the middle, this is a new option to consider.

    You save time using Tray 1 for envelopes and legal paper without having to handle the full ream of letter paper in Tray 2. The large, and thus costly, ink cartridges reduce the frequency and time you spend replacing them, adding to the printer’s savings. When you compute the cost per page also do annual costs.

    I pulled the printer out of the box on its back onto a flat surface and then uprighted to deal with its weight. Once unpacked and connected, it initialized in 22 minutes while I keyed in date, time and preferences for printing, faxing, etc. The wireless setup was no big deal. The entire setup was easy, especially using a Mac.

    Two-sided printing is very fast. Easy to use. Great design. Well thought-out details. It reproduces photos without vast amounts of wet ink, and represents and duplicates colors excellently. I’ve used various papers with it and am pleased with its overall performance. The FAX works fine over my cable provider’s digital phone line too.

    I had an issue with small streaks in dark photos that weren’t getting ink (things like wood grain in furniture). After printing diagnostic reports, I decided to clean the printheads. as a first pass. It worked.

    Overall, I found this to be the best HP printer I have ever owned. This is a solid upgrade from an OfficeJet. If this printer is a good fit for you, I would recommend it.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as Promised

    • Written by CRAIG K from Minneapolis

    Setup was simple and the quality of the machine build was excellent. However, one of my biggest needs was having the ability to highlight the printed text with a yellow highlighter and not have it smear, like one can do with a true laser printer. The marketing material proudly states that this machine can also perform like the laser and will not smear. This unit failed miserably in that area. Right out of box it was smearing and the black ink was turning into a big smudge when highlighted.

    I spent a couple of hours on the phone with HP tech support checking, testing, and adjusting many of the settings, but to no avail. They finally told me to return it. It's a heavy machine, being over 50# so returning it is not a fun event, but that is what I'm doing. Time to buy a real laser printer!!

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