• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice idea. Need industrial strength adhesive though...

    • Written by Charles J. H from New Braunfels

    2 months, 21 days. BANG!

    Took 20 minutes to take the adhesive off the back of the thing and replace with Gorilla heavy duty double sided tape. I use this Gorilla tape to hold my dash cam on my windshield. Same thing happened there. Mfgr suppled "stickum" didn't. It has been over a year and the camera has not budged and this is in central Texas heat. I figure the heat of the Apple TV and the TV 4K itself won't approach that of what the truck endures. This tape, if I remember correctly, is rated to hold a product weighting 30 pounds. Should hold, I figure. If I am able to update this review, after a year (hopefully) I will do so. Or failure. Whichever comes first. I love the idea of this device. Fits my Apple TV perfectly and love that it is on the back of my Visio.