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    Love it.

    Bought this external drive after my TWO others failed (different company, orange hard drive, starts with an L, do NOT recommend), and this one is a total blessing. I'm a photographer, so I'm having to transfer files back and forth, and this one makes it a breeze with it's included USB-C and USB-A cables for my new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and my older iMac. It runs a little hot sometimes, but that's only when it has been plugged into my Mac for hours. Overall, I'm really loving the lightweight and portable design... plus the color perfectly matches my space gray MacBook, so that makes me happy too!

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    All About the Look

    If you want an external hard drive that matches the color of your MacBook or MacBook Pro, then this drive is for you. If you want a drive with some performance, then get something else. G-Technology built a good looking drive with a high speed interface and fitted it with a lousy performing 5400 RPM drive. This drive is sufficient as a Time Machine backup drive, but that's about it. You can get better performance from another manufacture's 7200 RPM USB 3.0 drive using Apple's USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter. But if you want real performance, obviously get an external SSD. Basically, this drive is all show and no GO.

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    Light-weight and easy to use. It includes both usb-c and usb-3 cables, so you won't need any extra adapters regardless of which models of Mac you have. Also, it's pretty good-looking.

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    If you’re new to adding portable hard drives and making back-ups, this was easy. I used this Apple recommended G Drive to back-up a 2012 iMac27 with Airport Express before upgrading to Sierra. After connecting the G Drive using the included cable, Airport Express recognized the G Drive immediately and made a perfect back-up under 1/2 hour. Airport Express then prompted me through the choices of future, automatic back-ups. These back-ups occur seamlessly on the G Drive while I’m using the iMac27.

    The OS upgrade to Sierra went smoothly after a couple attempts seemed to hang up while downloading. Apple support quickly showed me the way to safely abort the download and successfully upgrade to Sierra. The back-up and Sierra has performed flawlessly.

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