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    Great idea, but disappointing

    • Written by Edward B from Pelham

    Im a 13 handicap and was looking for a swing analyzer to help work on my swing plane. I tend to swing in to out and am trying to get more on plane.

    Pros: The app has some cool features (when working...see cons) and is pretty easy to get around. When the sensor actually worked, it did confirm my in to out tendencies and by making some adjustments, I could see my swing getting much more on plane. I did like the 3D swing view and it helped me pinpoint where there were issues. If you have never seen what your swing plane actually is and are willing to learn a little bit about it, this tool will definitely help you. I also like the goal oriented approach of the app.

    Cons: 1) The app did not work properly or connect easily to any device I had. Notably, getting the sensor to connect is very finicky and the "Pro Players" feature where you can look at a professional swing and compare it to yours, simply did not exist. (I tried on iPad, iPhone, and Galaxy s7edge)
    2) It didn't seem like there were as many instructional videos as advertised. Also, most of the videos appeared geared towards golfers who tend to come over the top. The app encourages an inside to outside swing path, which isn't necessarily bad unless that is your problem. Most of these videos, or ones like it, are on youtube anyway.
    3) The sensor is a pain in the *. The app struggled mightily to pick it up. The sensor inexplicably fails to show if it is on or off. It took me 30 mins for it to finally pair at the range, and if you try to switch users during a session, forget about it. At the end of my session, battery was 90%. I turned it "off" as the app said it was no longer connected. The next day I went back to practice and it was dead.
    4) Since the app does not take into account club face, you may score very high on a swing that produced a terrible shot. Understand it is really only useful for working on tempo, speed, and plane.
    5) No short game or putting features.
    6) You cannot login, switch users, or save information for later if you are not connected to wi-fi or data. My first swing evaluation and 20 swings disappeared because my iPad was not connected to wifi.

    I really wanted to like it, but I expected the product to work much easier. I was hoping to just snap it on, practice as usual, and then either take breaks to analyze or do it at the end. I don't want to be fiddling around with bluetooth connections and calibrations every few mins during my practice sessions. For someone of average technological skills, I found getting this to actually work to be very annoying.For more serious golfers, the information is good but doesn't give you the whole story.

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