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    Great Potential, but for Key Design Problem.

    • Written by Nam C from Linden

    The key feature on this stand is the "Apple Smart Connector". This is the magnetically aligned and secured iPad "cover hinge” refined to also provide power & data. It’s what I consider Classic, Signature Apple product design / engineering. It's surprising and delightful to find something innovated with so much engineering, thought and expense to “solve” a problem we didn’t even know to complain about.

    Your iPadPro will align with the connector as if an invisible force was guiding it and click into place securely, no extra charging cable to plugin!

    Several details are well executed including, anodizing and chamfering of the aluminum, type of anti-slip rubber base and the plastic anti-scuff edging is affixed in a precision machined cutout edge mounted cleanly without screws. However…

    The iPadPro’s will charge up to 10X faster (~1.5 hours) with a 29 Watt USB-C Power Adaptor versus 12+ hours (iPad screen on, 0% to 80%) with the under-powered 12 Watt Adapter that Apple ships standard with their Premium Professional iPad. Someone "contributed and saved tons of money!” at Apple. Well…

    The Logi BASE Charging stand ONLY works at 12Watt MAX, yes, even if you plugin a 29 Watt Power Adaptor. Logi is upfront about this, and lists a few sample charging times but not where the problem originates on their website.

    People get a $100 charge stand to simultaneously charge and power (use) their iPads. Unfortunately, you'll be lucky to get any additional charge as 12 Watts can barely keep up. The reviewers who wrote they received broken or defective stands, no your stand isn’t broken. Someone at Apple contributed by squeezing an extra $5 margin, thus millions of people suffer while Apple piles more Billions in profit and Jony Ive is too busy hanging out with cool people. Poor Steve…

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