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    Great product, clear instructions

    Couldn't be easier, exactly as advertised.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor delivery on the part of Apple

    This product came up as a suggested item when I was selecting my new I-PAD Pro. Neither the sales write-up nor the instructions provided indicate that you must load this on a desktop computer first and then must separately go to the Apple Store and load each individual application in the Office Suite on your I-PAD. Once I got that done I could not get Word to allow the creation of new documents and all of the templates were missing. I spent hours being transferred between Apple and various Microsoft reps(all of whom had heavy accents) with each group telling me sorry, I can't help you. I scoured both the Apple and the Microsoft sites for information on how to fix this to no avail. Finally at 8:45 last night I got an Apple rep that suggested turning off the I-Pad and turning it back on and the problem was corrected. I feel that Apple needs to clarify what this product does and provide clearer installation instructions or take it off of their Website as a suggested additional item.

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