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    I love how it looks but the problem i had was that the portable charger wasnt working, also my lighting cable really isn't that good because i have to keep flipping it cause it wont charge my phone. i was really hoping for the portable charge to work i left it charging till it was full but nothing. im going to be returning but i thought the rose gold one was so pretty but i really hope im able to get a new one cause i really liked it but not the outcome of it :/

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    I love this! Not only does the rose gold match my phone, but the kit makes my life so much easier! (and although it was pricey, I think that if you bought the components separately, if you could find all of them, it would add up to much more than this).

    I got the rose gold version of this because I like the color and wanted to match my iPhone (Hopefully they got the color right with all the other colors, too). The Belkin kit is well designed, nice-looking, non-cheaply-made, and works well (tech like this makes me happy). The color matches my phone, and the components look nice and work beautifully. They look exactly as they do in the pictures. The lightning-to-USB cable is all rose gold; the car charging plug and wall outlet plug are rose gold with white accents, the battery pack is rose gold with black front and rear face, and the micro-usb-to-USB cable that charges the battery pack is black matching the faces. (If you don't like how it looks in the pictures, steer clear)

    Now not only do I have a way to charge my phone in my car or home, but I can also charge up the battery pack and use it to power two devices at once without having to trip over a million cords the way I was before. I am so happy that I got it!

    What it contains:
    * a wall outlet plug that you can plug a usb cable into, to charge things
    * a car charger plug (that you plug into the cigarette lighter) that you can plug a usb cable into, to charge things
    * an ~7-inch black microUSB-to-USB cable that you use to charge the included battery pack with the included wall outlet plug (I have also used this cable with the USB plugged into the iPhone slot, and the microUSB end plugged into my Android phone, to charge it)
    * 4-foot lightning-to-usb cable, which can be used to:
    ....* connect to the car charger to charge your phone,
    ....* connect to the usb wall outlet to charge your phone [or iPad], or
    ....* connect to the usb wall outlet plug to charge the battery [because the battery charges through its lightning port. Not to be confused with the fact that the battery charges up your iPhone or iPad through one of its USB ports, going to the iPhone/iPad’s lightning port]
    * one 2-port battery pack (they say for iPhone and iPad, with each port labeled -- the iPad has a higher current -- but I've been able to use it for my Android phone and my iPhone (and the manual says that you can also use the two slots for two iPhones); battery pack has:
    ....* the 2 usb ports (so you can use your lightning-to-usb cable to charge the phone and/or iPad from the battery. You would need your iPad's lightning-to-USB cable, as well, to charge both simultaneously)
    ....* a lightning port (so you can use your lightning-to-usb cable with the included wall outlet plug and included black micro-USB-to-USB cable to charge the battery from the wall)
    ....* a power button on the front, to tell the battery pack when to charge the devices plugged in to it

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