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    The cool looking Native Union BELT Lightning-to-USB 1.2M Cable I purchased on March 12, 2017 after purchasing a new phone and having enough with the cheap gas station ones not working or going out - I thought I'd go directly to the source and made this purchase and turns out this expensive charger sold by Apple goes out just like the cheap ones purchased at gas stations, etc.

    I've owned it for almost four months - it's plugged in in my room and doesn't move. Recently, when it's charging the phone doesn't recognize what I'm typing, laggs, or opens random things I didn't open/touch (same thing when the cheap do right before going out) and now it doesn't charge at all. It's not like the APPLE white charger, which I should have stuck with but thought this one would last since it's sold by Apple... however, from my experience it doesn't live up to Apple's standards.

    Stick with the boring white Apple charger/cable, as that's the only one that will actually last - unfortunately.

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    Satisfied user

    I bought this one (black&white) after I got sick of bundle fragility of Apple bundle cable like everyone else. I'm very satisfied this cable is durable and the leather strap keeps the cable tidy when I carry it in my bag. I am going to buy my 2nd one for using in my car.

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    What a horrible charger, I have had for 2 months and it already broke. Just stopped charging my iPhone 6. Also, it seems to not hold onto the iPhone lightning connector, it falls out pretty easily and will even stop charging it even when plugged in but not sitting the right way. Thought to try another brand/material since Apple's chargers have the little issue with it tearing but guess I'll be going back to them.

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    Best Cable

    Amazing product, best quality i've ever seen in a iphone cable. Way better than apple's cables. Definitly recommend it!

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    Tangle free, works well, and best of all looks stunning. Will be recommending this to everyone i can to help support this awesome company.

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    Great cable

    Well made, stylish, packs well thanks to the leather belt.

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