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    Way harder than ever to install

    I should've respect people's review on this product. Should not purchase it. miss Microsoft 2011

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    Idk whats with everyone else but this is fine

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    Excel - Special Paste


    I use Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac. I want to say that Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows is different to Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac - function "Paste Special". This function is better and more convenient in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows, in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac this function is not comfortable. I hope this problem will be fixed in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac.

    Best regards, Daniel.

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    Beware... Limited functionality

    I wish I would have read Robert B from Hull's review before purchasing this product. Home&Student package does NOT have the same fully functioning versions of the apps found in Office 365. For example, in the Home&Student version of PPT, you can't record and save a presentation as a movie. Having said that, Apple Support was very helpful in providing a credit as I was in the 30 day grace period. Apple and Microsoft need to update their marketing materials on these products.

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    Caution - this version has disabled features

    Customization features are disabled in this version. I have been using older versions for years. What is new - and this is not in the sales material on the Apple site, is that one must buy the yearly subscription version rather than the one payment and done version, to get full functionality. It is very difficult to even discover this when you have the software loaded - only when I looked in help did I find the "fine print" telling me my version is intentionally crippled. There are other issues as well, like difficult to read small gray on gray menu items etc. I want my money back.

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    Works Flawlessly

    I recently purchased the early 2015 MacBook Air computer. I purchased this Microsoft Office 2016 because for the last 7 years I have used Word and Excel on my MacBook Pro and that is what I am accustomed to using.
    Before you purchase this item consider the following;
    1. Your MacBook may already contain programs called Pages and Numbers that are highly similar to Microsoft Word and Excel. Therefore, you may not need to purchase this Microsoft Office package. If you have these programs in your computer, test them out to verify if they are sufficient for your needs.
    2. You can easily view and modify any documents created with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel in the Pages and Numbers Mac Programs that you have transferred over from another computer.
    3. Be AWARE if a document is created in a Pages or Numbers program it CANNOT be viewed in a Microsoft Word or Excel program.
    In other words you can view a Microsoft Word/Excel document with using a Microsoft Word/Excel or Mac Pages/Numbers Program but you cannot view a Mac Program (Pages or Numbers) in a Microsoft Program (Word or Excel).

    I purchased this item because I have two computers that I use; one for solely business and the other is for personal and business. My personal and business computer is this MacBook Air and the business computer is a Sony Vaio. Because I could not view or modify any document created with with using Pages or Numbers with my MacBook Air on my Sony Viao I needed to purchase this Microsoft Office so the documents could be compatable and modified on either computer.
    The upload was easily and took less then 10 minutes. I have been finding no lag from a copy/paste/insert on Excel or Word as the other review had mentioned. Consider though that I have an Air and she documented having a Pro.
    In my situation, I have removed the Pages and Numbers from my MacBook Air tool bar because I will only ever need to use the Microsoft programs received with this Office package. I am very happy with my purchase.
    I hope this review has been helpful.

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    Excel is terrible - even on a brand new 2016 MBP! keyboard shortcuts have changed/gone away, there's horrible lag when deleting rows or doing any kind of cell editing - Excel's giving me the rainbow wheel of death for the first time on this new machine. Weird attempts at smooth cursor movements within Excel make it feel infinitely less precise and snappy. Boo, Microsoft. Going back to Office 2011 til they make it better. Bummed I purchased it.

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