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    What exactly is this supposed to do?!?!

    In short this is a piece of junk - Beddit seems to base its "sleep score" on how long you lie in bed - I could be up all night lying in bed and still get a score of 95%... the "insights" are useless... "try getting a good night's sleep to feel refreshed" sort of stuff...

    Also, if you have two beds ( a vacation home for example) you have to re-pair with your phone each time (no auto discover) which is annoying.

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    What a great idea...

    ...But for those who bought the older versions, the iOS app stopped supporting anything but the newest hardware; When I inquired, they said over 70% of users were using the newest version, so they were dropping the other users to "concentrate on Beddit 3". Of course they wouldn't offer to upgrade you to compensate for their laziness, they'll give you a refund instead...if you can produce your receipt. Sounds like a half-brained tech operation, and I won't be putting more money into it, just to be cut off when their lazy coders find their dumpy software from previous versions too hard to support. It's unfortunate that all the other sleep trackers assume you want to make a style statement, but I think I'll just try going to sleep earlier.

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    Great idea - bad iOS app

    The iOS app is terrible. Simply, it doesn't work.

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    Does NOT Deliver on Promises

    I have used the Beddit and Beddit 2 and they worked great. The Beddit 3 works less than half the time. It won't detect me even being in the bed most of the time or it doesn't detect me until the night is half over. I've complained to customer service a number of times and always get a different response. Most recently they admitted this was a known issue but that a future firmware update was going to fix it. The update came and the problem continues. I would give this device negative stars if it was possible and customer service is so poor that the company shouldn't even continue to exist. Try a different brand and save yourself the headache.

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    Inaccurate and will not allow you to use Bluetooth headphones

    I purchased this from the Apple Store and returned it after one night, why? Because I know for a fact that I woke up, left my bed, and returned four times during the night. In the morning it only recorded one time away from bed.... one out of four in my opinion is a failure. Also, I like to listen to white noise through my Bluetooth headphones when I cannot sleep. While the app is running, manadatory for it to work, you use Bluetooth headphones.

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    Disables "Hey Siri" when in use...

    Great device and app but disables "Hey Siri" when in use. I use "Siri" to turn off all of the lights at night while laying in bed, if Beddit was already tracking my movement Siri would not function at all. If this ever gets solved I would definitely purchase again.

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    Not for everybody!

    My husband bought beddit 3 for me last month and I am deeply disappointed :(

    After reading the great reviews I was convinced this is the right sleep tracker for me because it promises to measure the amount of sleep and also whether the sleep has been light or deep. Unfortunately in my case the results are widely INACCURATE.

    Beddit simply does not know when I'm asleep and when I'm awake. My biggest problem concerning sleep is insomnia so it takes a lot of time for me to fall asleep and I often lay awake in the middle of the night. So I bought beddit to know how much sleep do I really get and which hours are the best "sleeping time" for me. But night after night the beddit App reports say I have fallen asleep quickly, haven't been awake during the night (unless I have been out off bed) and my sleep score is excellent (average 96) even when I know this is not true. And I know this because I repeatedly check the time when I have trouble getting sleep (this might take as long as 2 to 3 hours) and also if I stay awake for a longer period of time during the night, usually over an hour. Still beddit reports I have been deeply asleep when I know for a fact I have been awake. I sent an inquiry to the beddit customer service and they told me beddit detects sleep solely based on movement. OK I know I tend to lay in bed quite still and for the next couple nights I deliberately moved my body as much as possible when I was awake. Still I got the same results; I have been asleep the whole night. And I'm truly amazed how much I can do and beddit still thinks I'm sleeping as long as I don't leave the bed. Have conversations with my husband, eat a snack, drink water, read etc. One morning I was even on the phone for 20 minutes and beddit didn't even count this as snoring! And every morning I press the "I'm up" button while still asleep according to beddit even if I press it after being awake for 30 minutes.

    To sum up beddit is inaccurate and completely useless at least for me. It doesn't even report me having any sleep cycles, just a flat line in between light and deep sleep. I don't think there is anything wrong with the device since for my husband it works fine with sleep cycles and everything.

    So be careful before you buy the beddit it you are a "lay still" person like me. The problem might also be that I'm slim and very athlete who knows?

    The customer service also is not so excellent. I always have to wait several days to get a reply and right now I am waiting for an answer to the question does my beddit need spare parts or can I return it.

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