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    Vague instructions

    Had device 1 full week. Thus far, it won't work automatically despite my following instructions to the letter. Biggest problem is getting Notes/Tags to work. Beddit supplies a video that "explains" the process, but their advice doesn't seem to apply to mine.
    DON'T buy this if you've only an iPad. To date, theres NO app in the store that will work. I worked with an Apple Lvl 2 supervisor who couldn't find it.
    Like that 4K LG monitor Apple sold, this product appears to be something they should have avoided.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Less than impressed

    I was very excited that buying this device would take my pursuit of better sleep to the next level but ended up quite disappointed. Nearly all reading you do on the subject would tell you when looking to improve your sleep you should start with going to bed on a set schedule. Not only does the app not encourage that but it doesn't even track the time you went to bed or woke. Really - no where does it track the time you fell asleep or got out of bed.

    More on the app is that there is very little documentation in understanding everything it is tracking or what impacts the numbers. I did not find the app to make any real observations or suggestions on what to do to improve sleep. It seems completely up to the user to keep hashtag notes each day and figure it out for yourself.

    The device was easy enough to setup though I'm not sure it's a accurate as indicated. First it indicated a couple nights that I had slept significantly less than I believed I had based on two other apps; my fitbit and an app to track snoring. The snore tracking was inaccurate and inconsistent based on another app I use that actually records sound. I also found the auto tracking to be completely annoying. There is no setting that allows for auto tracking based on time of day so I would find any time I sat down on the bed for anything the sensor would activate as though it was going to track my sleep cycle.

    Though I use a fitbit currently I have found the best sleep tracking and app to be the Jawbone and the Jawbone 3 device. It auto tracks going to bed, provides insightful tracking for quality of sleep and heart information and provides suggestions. For tracking my snoring I use Snore Lab from the app store.

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