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    Quite good but needs some development

    The sleep monitor does work, but a couple of things annoy me.

    Firstly keeping the monitor in place on my mattress doesn't work very well. Maybe a fitted sheet would hold it down better, but I have flat sheets and the monitor doesn't stay put all night. If I move around a lot at night the monitor is quite often bunched up under me in the morning ... that surely doesn't help with good sleep!

    Secondly, it seems that if I spend 7 hours in bed I get a good sleep score, regardless of how many times I've woken up or had restless sleep through the night. I didn't need to spend a lot of money to tell me that spending longer in bed is better!! I now ignore the sleep score and look at the graph of how I slept. The sleep score impacts on any tags applied though - so, because I often spend longer in bed because I've had a bad night, some of the tags that I've applied to describe why I had a bad night have positive values attributed to them!

    In the month that I've been using beddit I haven't had a night where I've woken up feeling like I had a really good night's sleep, so I haven't been able to see the difference from a normal night, but the data is interesting. I'm tempted to swap it over to my husband's side of the bed soon to prove he snores!!!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Accurate, but disables AirPods

    If you're like me and listen to podcasts while laying in bed, you'll be disappointed. Beddit disables any Bluetooth headphones (including AirPods). This is a bit of a deal-breaker.

    The information design here is nice, although not nearly enough is made of the breathing analysis. In comparing Beddit to AutoSleep - the fantastic Apple Watch sleep tracker - I found only minor discrepancies between the two. Beddit monitors your breathing, which AutoSleep doesn't track, yet Beddit only gives this a general overview instead of in-depth data charting. Where Beddit really shines is its software. Being able to note & tag daily activities really helps you discover patterns in what may be helping or hindering your sleep. I'd like to see this be a bit more automated, but the industry is slow on the uptake here.

    Overall pretty good. But the headphone thing is a nonstarter, unfortunately.

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