• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost perfect with one glaring issue

    • Written by Aaron H from Madison

    This controller is almost perfect, but I can't recommend it for one major reason: The Left/Right buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) don't work properly. They feel nice, but when you press them nothing happens. After the button clicks, if you press down harder you can get the button to register, but it makes gaming almost impossible. In one of my favorite games, the R1 button is held down for targeting. I constantly loose/re-acquire the target(s) without letting up on the button at all. If I put considerable pressure on the button it will hold the target, but soon after my hand starts cramping.

    Originally, I thought I just got a bad controller, so I exchanged it at the store (I bought it from an Apple Store), but the replacement has the same problem.

    I contacted Gamevice and it took them 4 days to respond but they have indicated they will replace it. I'm hoping these were just a bad batch run or something, because I'd really like to use this controller. I'll update this review once I get the replacement from Gamevice.

    - There's no battery to charge or maintain. While it does use your iPhone battery, I've not noticed any real drain.
    - Easy to attach and no need to pair with the phone. Just clip it on and play.
    - The phone sits between the controls, makes it feel like a Nintendo Switch. I personally like this better than the phone sitting above the controllers.
    - The Analog sticks are accurate, sensitive and generally awesome. I like them better than any I've used before (including even the PS4 controller).
    - D-pad is accurate. This sounds obvious, but the d-pad has frequently been an issue with other controllers.
    - Separate headphone jack... useful for iPhone 7/7+ when you want to use a regular headphone sans adapter.
    - Uses a Lightning port for pass-though charging. Saves me from carrying a separate cable.
    - One of the most portable controllers I've used. Gamevice shows them stacked and they attach to each other via magnets. However, you can also easily store them side-by-side so they don't bulge in a bag. Really big plus for me as all other controllers have always been too bulky.

    - As mentioned above, the L/R buttons don't work properly. Something I should add is the ABXY buttons actually have the same problem but only barely. It's possible to press the button down without triggering it but you really have to try (press very lightly). In practice, it doesn't pose a problem to me. I had to explicitly test the buttons to notice. I never noticed an issue with the ABXY buttons while gaming.
    - You can't use a case with the controller. If you have one, you'll have to take it off before you use it. Not a biggie to me, but if you have a case that's difficult to remove/attach, it could be an issue.
    - The lightning port does not transmit audio. If you bought an iPhone 7, you got lightning headphones. You won't be able to use those with this controller. You either have to use BT or a regular headphone jack. Not a big deal in my book, but you should know the limitation.
    - This will fit the current generation iPhones (from 6 to 7+). It probably won't fix the next generation.

    I really want to use this controller. It's pretty much everything I want in an iPhone controller. If the issues with the LR buttons are fixed, this would be the perfect controller and I would have no problems giving it 5 stars.

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