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    The Most Amazing Device

    • Written by Srinivasa K from Pembroke

    This item is very useful for many games. I use it a lot and it is better because it is easier to use for multiple games. I recommend this item! I use it for minecraft and it makes it easier to use.

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    Outstanding, but causes thermal shutdown/restart

    • Written by Russell W from Memphis

    Controller (GV157) is outstanding, but causes thermal shutdown/restart on 256 GB iPhone 7 (iOS 11.1) on Talos Principle game due to excessive power consumption (burning hot on iPhone back near iPhone on/off switch). Apple Store swapped out Gamevice controller for another but same problem. Gamevice phone support unavailable, don't answer web support request. Discovered solution (reduce the power consumption): (1) put iPhone 7 in Airplane mode (means AirPods won't work, no Bluetooth) to shut off all radios; (2) use headphone jack on Gamevice controller (Apple In-Ear Headphones); (3) turn iPhone ringer switch on (so Red indicator does not show) - Talos game turns off audio (speaker & wired headphones) if ringer is off (odd?); and (4) toss all apps out of memory (double-tap Home, swipe all background apps out). Will now work without thermal shutdown of iPhone.

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    Great Controller!!

    • Written by Sophia L from pembroke

    I love to play on my phone (especially minecraft), and it works absolutely amazing! it's a lot easier to control what I'm doing and i love the feature of having the game vice take battery from the phone. will definitely be using it a ton! :)

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    Great controller

    • Written by Aaron W from Alvor

    Solid feel. Yes the travel of the buttons are a little higher than normal, but in my case I normally mash the game pad buttons anway so It suits me fine.

    NO latency whatsoever, It feels so liberating to be playing some good games, with the correct controls :)

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    Massively improves gaming on my iPhone 6s

    • Written by John O from Hove

    I'm not a fan of many of the free to play games like Clash of Clans and find that a lot of FPS and racing games can be hard to play when you need quite fine control. I saw the demo of Gamevice in the Apple store and thought i'd give it a go. So far it's absolutely brilliant for the games that it works with - stuff like Oceanhorn, Monument Valley, Grand Theft Auto, Bastion, Fifa 13, Leo's Fortune have all worked perfectly.

    It's basically like playing a PS Vita - the Gamevice gives you thumb triggers, shoulder buttons and a normal layout of 4 buttons on the right and a traditional D-pad control on the left. There's no noticable lag and I found the thumbsticks were comfortable to use. The only downside is that the Gamevice only works with games that support MFI controls - so for example the old version of FIFA I had worked fine, but the newest version doesn't. When you connect the Gamevice for the first time you get an app that shows all the games on the app store which work with the controller, which makes finding stuff much easier. The best games tend to be the premium priced games IMHO - but that's what I tend to play anyway.

    And to be able to play all the GTA games with proper controls - makes it worth the price just for that ;-)

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