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    Went from 5 Enthusiastic Stars to ZERO. :(

    This worked amazingly when it was functioning. I stored FCP Libraries on it and was able to go between two computers with it very easily. Then over time, the drive would disconnect if I moved it ever so slightly. At first I thought it was the cheap third party adapter I used (I have a 12" MacBook so needed one for charging and using this at the same time); it would work once I plugged it back in.
    Then one day when it disconnected from my Mac, I tried plugging it in but then I noticed that the USB Cable wouldn't go into the SSD flush. And then when I took it out and tried other USB Cables, I got the same result until... ultimately... the female port in the SSD broke off. Thank goodness I had backups of everything as I was in between projects, but this was sooo disappointing. :(

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    Fast and rugged

    This was an impulse buy at my local Apple Store. It is very fast and appears to be quite rugged. I've formatted it so that I can use this on both Macs and Windows machines. This will be perfect for backing up photos in the field. I also like that it comes with a USB-C cable so I won't have to lug yet another dongle around.

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    fast, but fragile connection

    super fast and light while it lasted, can boot from it easily, but the connector on the drive side broke off from the circuit board. all told, i used it a handful of times. there is only 1 connection e.g. not both usb and thunderbolt, so now the device is useless and my data is kind of stuck there on those chips. i'm sure it's there, but how to get at that data? this is a mystery.

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    Great product

    This ssd is so fast i tested it with crystaldiskmark and it got over 400mb/s!!!!! I use this to create a bootable windows for the macs at my school and it works great with the speed and i was able to play games and transfer files with zero lag.

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    Compact, fast, reliable and works with Time Machine

    I used this SSD to transfer my 34 GB music library from an old computer to a new MacBookPro; using a usb to usb-c adapter, it took 17 minutes to copy all the music files from the old computer at usb 2.0 speeds to the SSD; when transferring my 34 GB music library from this SSD to the new MacBookPro with usb-c to usb-c cable, it took approximately 1 minute 55 seconds, so this SSD is legitimately fast. This SSD comes with SanDisk's encryption, which I swear was claimed to be 256-bit encryption inside the actual software rather than the 128-bit Apple's website describes, but I didn't buy this SSD for the encryption; however, it was easy to copy the encryption program/app over to the MacBookPro and format the SSD for my needs...I am currently using this SSD for my MacBookPro's Time Machine backups, but it would be a great SSD for storing a large photo or music library, etc.

    Pros: Quick USB-C speeds, no wall-outlet power cable necessary since this SSD is powered via USB-C, very compact size & truly portable compared to the competition -- I am amazed by how small and lightweight this SSD is, rugged build quality: supposedly waterproof / dustproof -- except for the cheap rubber bumper-matched cap to the USB i/o port, this SSD is legit & will handle most any abuse you can put it through except maybe purposely smashing it with a hammer; I have actually thrown this SSD 20 feet across a room as well as taken it cross country on several trips aboard freight trains (that shake the heck out of everything) with absolutely no problems whatsoever, although, I have doubts this SSD is truly waterproof--unfortunately I am not willing to test this unit's water resistance, it also seemed inexpensive at my time of purchase

    Cons: Heats up under heavy use, only 480 useable GB rather than the 500 to 512 GB storage of most drives typical in this range, but it has enough storage capacity to handle Time Machine backup duties for a MacBookPro with 512 GB SSD

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