• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not great

    • Written by George S from Battle Creek

    I had another case from Amazon that I loved but it was fradgel and cracked at the corners. So I figured I would spend the big bucks and buy from Apple. On the plus side this case is more sturdy and is unlikely to crack. But when set up it is too upright and wants to tip forward. It is not as heavy to hold on too and makes the otherwise thin tablet thick. Instead of a cut out for the buttons it has buttons that are hard to push. On top of that the cover does not shut off or turn on the iPad. The design does not work good at all. How can a company that is so good with its device design fail so miserably on a simple case.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect case for iPadPro: Protection & Function

    • Written by Ande and Marie A from Palm Harbor

    This STMDUXPlus case provides drop and scratch protection. It shuts off the iPadPro. It holds the Apple Pencil securely and even holds the cap while you are charging the pencil in the IPadPro. The cover has a clear side so you can see the color of the iPadPro and display an id if needed without opening the case. Very slim. Does not block any of the features or speakers. Has two positions: Reading and typing/drawing. There are hooks on the back that the edge of the case slips under, so it is supported/held in place when folded in either of the two positions, and so the whole weight is not on the magnet flap. If you use these, the case works on a lap or a flat surface. Switching to the typing/drawing mode is easy: Just invert the whole thing from the upright reading mode (power button is now on the left for right-handed users). You do have to remove the cover to use an external keyboard. I do not use an external; the virtual on the iPad Pro is excellent, but it is the easiest cover to remove that I have used. It is a very dark charcoal gray color, so I suppose a "purple" option would be nice, but it does show the color of the IPadPro through the clear side, so my RoseGold can be enjoyed. Some users found the volume buttons stiff, but I found that after I used those once or twice, they are fine also. Excellent case ($59.99) and Apple ships instantly. Great product.

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