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    Works great on my MacBook Pro with toolbar

    I read the previous review and decided to try it anyway. I can only guess that the reviewer didn't download the software from Logitech. The instructions are ridiculously small, but once I got a magnifying glass, it clearly says you have to download the software and gives you the URL to do so. Once that was done, it worked perfectly on my machine.

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    Almost useless

    I have a Macbook Pro w/Toolbar and when you plug in the dongle my computer freezes and you can no longer use the mouse. The ONLY way to get his to work at all is:
    1. Open up the powerpoint presentation you want to use
    2. Go into presentation mode
    3. Plug in the dongle (now my Mac locks up) except the presenter can be used but you cannot use your trackpad mouse anymore.
    4. The built-in mouse for the remote does not track very well at all.

    Basically, if you plug the dongle in the USB-C before going into powerpoint your laptop will lock up. At least mine does.

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